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We've created a unique and more personal approach to handling your IP portfolio.

A short introduction: The EU Trademark is a website operated by Mr. Ákos Süle, LL.M. (Berlin),  an IP lawyer and his #1 award winning team. You will find all credits under the link “imprint” of this page. We are fully licensed to duly represent you before the EUIPO and we operate locally.

We offer intellectual property (IP) legal services. Especially, this site is dedicated to European trademarks and design patent (RCD) registrations. Moreover, we offer an uncomplicated, personal and non-technical registration process. 

Our biggest advantages are the quick turn-around time and high success rate. We also value frankness with clients, personal communication, clear pricing and low fees. At least this is what sets us apart on the EU market. We have a clear pricing model, we always try to anticipate costs exactly. The prices on this site are excl. VAT and we have no hidden fees (disbursements, etc.). We trust that our clients will return to us with newer and newer branding ideas.

The process in six steps

This is the typical timeline of a trademark registration in the European Union, which is quite unusual, since you obtain a Trademark Certificate that is valid in the entire EU.

  • First, receipt of your mark / brand idea or logo
    Step 1
  • Checking and finalizing the list of goods ans services of the trademark
    Step 2
  • Following that, payment of the trademark application fee, including official fees
    Step 3
  • Soon after, a trademark search in the databases of the EUIPO and of the WIPO
    Step 4
  • Immediately after that: trademark application at the EUIPO, online
    Step 5
  • In case of a smooth application, registration of the trademark within four and a half months, receipt of the electronic Certificate of Registration from the EUIPO
    Step 6


    So where is an EU trademark valid? The European trademark will be valid in following countries from 2021: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden.

    Candidate countries

    As the EU has grown bigger, the validity of the European trademark (former: Community trade mark) has always followed the growth and has extended automatically to the new Member States. Accordingly, we have a reason to believe that the European trademarks will extend to new members of the European Union. The candidate countries are currently:

    • Montenegro
    • North-Macedonia
    • Serbia
    • Albania

    These are countries that are already in the process of incorporating EU legislation into national law. We do not count on Turkey as a candidate country from a trademark law aspect.

    Accelerated process

    There is an urgent registration procedure at EUIPO, it is called fast track. With fast track, an application is registered within four and a half month in our experience. There are some prerequisites for this kind of accelerated process, for example the list of goods have to follow some stricter rules than normally. Also, pre-payment of the fees is required. We would be glad to walk you through the requirements and assist you with a fast track application. 

    The normal process lasts around six months until registration of the European trademark

    About risks

    For branding you can rely on your market knowledge and market search. This is very important. A trademark search is of course also important, but you should expect oppositions from your competitors with similar marks. If you are not familiar with the EU market, we can help you out and run some specific internet searches to learn about your competitors. As a result, at the day of application, you will know how risky an EU trademark application is. Ultimately it is your decision to take business risks. It is our task to clear you up about them. Obviously, if a mark is risky, you can wait until the end of the opposition period before investing in it heavily. In the EU, the chance that an opposition is filed, is much higher than the chance of a cancellation action later. 


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